11. November 2020

Meet Bianca Zapatka

Meet Bianca Zapatka

3 new Every. bowls – a co-creation with Bianca Zapatka 

Together with Bianca Zapatka, we created a new collection of three plant-based bowls. Bianca is not just a passionate recipe developer, she’s also a bestselling cookbook author, plant-based blogger and instagram icon!

In addition to her food blog, she’s already published three cookbooks and as a result, has inspired hundreds of thousands of fans on her instagram account with her heartfelt recipes. On her food blog, you’ll find countless delicious vegetarian and plant-based recipes.

Every. and Bianca don’t just share a passion for good, whole food. We’re aligned in our firm belief in the benefits of plant-based diets. Bianca, just like us, wants to inspire and incentivize people to try new healthy recipes that will elevate their lives through plant power. Bianca has recreated three of her favourite recipes in the form of plant-based, frozen bowls with refined ingredients, spices and herbs.


Golden Curry

Perfect for the cold season. The combination of pumpkin, chickpeas, spinach and coconut milk creates a creamy texture. Rounded off with hearty ginger, garlic, gold turmeric powder and a careful selection of spice blends. Served on a bed of wild rice.


Dal Delight

A harmonious blend of lentils, beans, sweet potato, crisp spinach, and creamy coconut milk. Inspired by the classic Indian dish Dal Makhani, with Bianca’s added flair of oriental spices and lemon juice.



 Spicy Noodles

An energizing asian noodle bowl. Spicy ginger, refreshing choi sum, crisp pepper, fiery spicy and creamy coconut milk on a bed of broad bean noodles. Mu Err mushrooms and soy sauce add an earthy aroma. A flavorful umami experience inspired by thai cuisine.


Interview with Bianca

Hey Bianca, tell us, what does good food represent for you?
In my eyes, good food consists of pleasant tastes, original recipes and fresh ingredients. A good balance of fruit and vegetables is key. Of course there has to be the occasional sweet treat. Everything in moderation, right?

Where do you find inspiration for your recipes?
My greatest inspiration is my family. We do everything ourselves. My polish Grandmother taught me how to make classic Polish dishes like Pierogies. My other grandmother is German and she made amazing classic German comfort food creations. My mother and I traveled a lot when I was young, so I was exposed to an immense variety of different cuisines and exotic takes on food preparation. My father is a fan of Asian and Thai foods, and cooked a lot of recipes influenced by these cuisines. I’ve taken all the meals I know from home and tweaked them to be plant based recipes. For example, I transform a classic mac’n’cheese into a pumpkin mac’n’cheese. If I'm on the lookout for inspiration, I like to go grocery shopping. That’s how I used to do it with my mother and grandmother. I stroll through the shop aisles and see what tickles my fancy. Another major source of inspiration are my friends. They often ask me for recipe suggestions or ideas for vegan meals, like a plant based carbonara for example. This motivates me to create new things and make vegan versions out of classic dishes.

What's special about your Every. bowls?
First and foremost, that they’re plant-based. They’re also gluten, soy and nut free--which makes them ideal for people with allergies. Every only uses the best ingredients. Carefully selected and frozen right after harvest. This perfectly preserves all the nutrients, taste and textures, making them fresher than a lot of produce found in the supermarket. Every products have such a distinct freshness appeal, it feels like you cooked it yourself. The products don’t contain any aromas or additives, just clean whole food. A kind of ultimate vegan FoodPorn, developed and tested by me.

What do you want to share with you community?

I’ve invested a lot of time and effort in my recipes in order for my community to create delicious meals out of them. Of course there were some necessary tweaks and changes with the Every bowls, but they are virtually identical to a homemade version. I hope my community tries the bowls Every and I brought out together, because I personally think they’re delicious. I hope to receive feedback and requests for future collaborations with Every.

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