Summer Favourites

Pasta & Noodles

Green Curry Noodles
Fragrant curry noodles, cauliflower & spinach.
Bami Goreng
Pak choi-noodle stir fry & planted.Pulled™
Peas & Love
Creamy pea-basil pasta, romanesco & tomatoes
Garden Gnocchi
Gnocchi with garden veggies and herb pesto
Fusilli Ragù
Whole grain fusilli in a tomato-lentil ragù
Pasta Caponata
Tomato pasta with bell peppers & aubergine
Pomodoro Passion
Mediterranean pasta with aubergine, carrots & beans
Pumpkin Pasta
Creamy pumpkin-kale pasta with pine nuts
Beet Pasta
Whole grain pasta with herb beetroot sauce
Brilliant Bolognese
Vegan Bolognese with lentil-aubergine ragù

Rice and Risotto

Umami Rice
Vibrant veggie-rice stir fry & meat alternative
Basmati Buzz
Indian rice with lentils, cauliflower & pumpkin
Harvest Risotto
Pumpkin risotto with spinach & yellow zucchini
Naked Taco
Tex-Mex rice-bean mix with tomatoes & corn

Curries & Dals

Red Curry
Mild red curry with meat alternative
Glow Up
Sweet potato curry with carrots, parsnip & mango
Carrot Dal
Creamy red lentil dal with harvest vegetables
Dal Delight
Lentil Dal with carrots, beans & sweet potato
Curry Up
Spicy chickpea-spelt curry with parsnip & ginger
Green Dal
Green lentil dal with tomato, parsnip & kale
Karma Korma
Chickpea-curry with string beans & cauliflower
Golden Curry
Creamy chickpea curry with pumpkin & spinach

Buddha Bowls

Oriental Bulgur
Bulgur stir-fry with vegetables and meat alternative..
Naked Falafel
Refreshing couscous with carrots & mini falafel
Romanesco Fresco
Quinoa-romanesco mix with sweet potato & herbs.
Green Boost
Green veggie mix with chickpeas, mint & mango
Cauli Comfort
Cauliflower-bulgur mix, brussels sprouts & parsnip
Forest Green
Asparagus & porcini on creamy, garlicky spelt
Falafel Roast
Oven veggie mix with Middle Eastern spices
Chickpea Pepper Roast
Crispy Mediterranean oven veggie mix
Mustard Veggie Roast
Sweet-sour mustard-glazed oven veggie mix
Ratatouille Romance
Ratatouille with eggplant, tomatoes & peppers
Hot Coconut
Thai-soup with coconut, mushrooms, pak choi


These add-on products don't count towards the minimum order quantity.

Ginger (4 Shots)
4 freshly pressed ginger shots
Ginger Turmeric (4 Shots)
4 freshly pressed ginger-turmeric shots
Açai Bloom
Fruity Acai and blueberry mix with peach


These add-on products don't count towards the minimum order quantity.

Strawberry Supreme (2 bars)
“Cheesecake” with strawberry-cashew cream
Almond Bliss (2 bars)
Flourless chocolate covered oat & almond bite


These add-on products don't count towards the minimum order quantity.

Biotic 20/5 Billion (90 capsules)
Probiotics/prebiotics to support a healthy gut long-term
Pure Performance Protein
Vegan Organic Protein With All Essential Amino Acids
Every. Spatula
The perfect tool to capture every bit of flavour
Recipe E-Book DE
Zaubere ganz easy aus einer Bowl zwei Gerichte!
Recipe E-Book EN
Transform an Every. bowl into 2 meals!
Every. cap - beige
Every.-where! The stylish companion for every day.
Weight Management Guide DE (70 Seiten)
Weight Management Guide EN (70 pages)
Every. Towel - beige
Every. Towel - beige
Every. Towel - beige

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