6. March 2023

Cyclical Nutrition – What are the Benefits?

Was is cyclical nutrition? What should one pay attention to? And how can a plant based diet support you? 


13. February 2023

Go Vegan, Boost Your Metabolism!

Did you know, that a vegan diet can significantly contribute to boosting your metabolic function? This is not only helpful for our physical and psychological health, but also influences weight loss goals. We'll explain the how and why. 


13. December 2022

Zinc – The Essential Allrounder for Your Body

Zinc is essential for our existence, but how? Which foods contain zinc and how much do we need on a daily basis? Read here to find out.


21. November 2022

Clean Eating While Travelling

Your trip is about to start! Finishing your final to-dos and getting ready? But what about your meals? How will you maintain your routine on the road? We've put together some useful tips how you can continue to eat well while travelling!


8. November 2022

Sugar or Sugar Alternative – What's the Healthier Option?

Stevia, maple syrup or date syrup are some of the most popular sugar alternatives and are being swapped out for regular sugar. We'll tell you how healthy they really are.


30. August 2022

Nutritious Eating During Postpartum Recovery

In this article, you'll find out about postpartum recovery, and why it's so important to have a nutritious diet to ensure the best recovery for you and your baby!


8. August 2022

Refreshing Hacks – Make Drinking Water Fun

Drinking enough water is essential to our health. However, drinking enough can be tiresome or boring. With these hacks, you can add some tasty infusions to your water and increase your intake of vitamins and minerals!


20. June 2022

Spice – The Benefits of Hot Food

Chilli, spicy peppers, ginger etc. Are these ingredients or magic foods? How healthy is spicy food and what are the benefits of eating it? We took a closer look to examine the effects of spicy food on your body and mind!


3. June 2022

Intermittent Fasting – Eating Like Our Ancestors Did

Whether you're seeking a transcendental experience, trying to lose weight or relieve some physical ailments: fasting is a practice as old as humanity itself. How to go about it best and what the benefits are will be explained in this article!


3. June 2022

Healthy Snacking – Tasty Treats for In-Between

Your stomach is growling and you're slowly turning hangry? Too late for lunch but too early for dinner? We'll show you how to select (or make) healthy snacks, that not only satisfy your hunger but are also good for you!