Discover all perks of your Every. meal plan

Flexible schedule

Choose any adjust your delivery frequency and preferred delivery date to best fit your schedule.

Full transparency

We will remind you before each upcoming delivery via Whatsapp or e-mail.

Pause or cancel anytime

Take a break from delivery? Skip up to 90 days in advance or cancel your subscription at any time.

Customized to your needs

One click to change your box size or products - try the whole product variety and


Get started for as little as €5.99 per meal


How it works


1. Select your food

Build your box with a selection of 40+ delicious meals. Meals start at 5.99€.
2. Choose your schedule

2. Choose your schedule

Select your preferred delivery frequency and date. Store your bowls in the freezer and enjoy whenever.

3. Manage your plan flexibly

Manage your delivery schedule and products flexibly at any time.

What our customers say

Have questions? Get answers

The subscription brings several advantages for you! You get a 20% discount on your first order in your delivery plan. You can change the delivery intervals, product type and size whenever you like. You can also pause your deliveries whenever you want. But the best part is that you get Every. delivered directly to your door with no hassle!

No, there is no minimum commitment period. The subscription can be cancelled or paused at any time.

You can determine the box size when you create your delivery schedule. The subscription has a minimum order quantity of 6 products per delivery - just like one-time orders.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to place a one-time order with us. We now only offer subscription orders. The reasons for this change and more information can be found in our article here: We made this decision in order to offer our customers a better service and more flexibility. Thank you for your understanding.

We know that tastes and cravings can change. You can adjust your delivery at any time with just one click and add or replace new bowls.

You are afraid that you will miss your delivery date? Don't worry, we will send you a reminder in advance. You can still make changes and adjustments at short notice.

You can flexibly adjust the delivery interval, the box size and the box content for your subscription at any time in your account. Based on your delivery interval, all upcoming delivery dates will be suggested to you. You will receive a notification before each upcoming delivery. You configure the first delivery normally via our online store.

You are on the go a lot and therefore can't predict which delivery interval suits you? We give you the option to either skip or pause your next delivery. This way you are 100% flexible even with a subscription.

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