16. May 2022

Food Waste – When edible food lands in the trash.

We live in a world of excess and over consumption. We buy more than we can consume and the result? A shameful amount of wasted food. We’ve explained below how you can reduce your personal food waste. 


22. April 2022

Meal Prep- Cook once, enjoy often!

What is meal prep? What are the best ways to do it? Which dishes are suitable for meal prep? Here, you'll discover everything you need to know about this popular food trend. 


29. April 2022

Quick and healthy lunch? Easy as pie.

Quick meal options are popular, and necessary, for most lunch breaks. However, we often go for fast food options that are unhealthy and bad for our productivity. We explain why a healthy lunch is so important and how to easily integrate these into a busy schedule. 


27. April 2022

Superfoods – How 'super' and how healthy are they really?

Are Superfoods just a marketing gag or do these foods actually possess special properties? Are they as healthy as they seem? We found out. 


25. April 2022

Healthy Breakfast – The Best Start to Your Day

Breakfast is supposedly the most important meal of the day. But is this true? And what does a healthy breakfast look like? Read all about it here. 


19. April 2022

Earth Day – A Day for our Planet

On April 22nd is World Earth Day- a day dedicated to environmental protection and planetary health. Read below to discover why, how and when this day was established and how you can contribute!


14. April 2022

Vegane Protein Sources - The Key Facts

Can you have a protein-rich diet if you're vegan? Can you build muscle on a plant-based diet? What's the difference between animal vs. plant-based protein? Read to find out everything you need to know!


13. April 2022

Vegan Meat Alternatives – Everything you need to know.

Vegan meat alternatives: what are they exactly and what options are available? How healthy are they and how you can make them yourself? Find out here. 


6. April 2022

Vegan Eating – Everything you need to know

People who follow a vegan diet avoid animal products of any kind. We discuss the advantages and criticisms of this popular lifestyle. 


1. April 2022

Gluten-Free Eating: More than just a food trend

What does it mean to be gluten-free? Which foods contain gluten? Is it possible to be gluten free and vegan? In this article, we offer an in depth explanation on these topics and offer some useful tips and guides for you.