23. April 2021

Good for you, good for the planet

We’re obsessed with your health, but we’re also crazy about the planet. Environmentally friendly food production is at the core of Every. and one of our founding principles. We’re proving that there are ways in which food can be sustainable, carbon neutral and benefit the environment, while also benefiting you. Good for you, good for the planet. Two birds with one sustainable stone!

Good for you, good for the planet

100% carbon-neutral supply chain

We uphold this ideal along our entire supply chain and make it a priority to use only the most essential and environmentally friendly resources. Producing an Every. bowl emits about 900g of CO2 on average. That's less than 4% of the daily carbon output per capita in Germany. Comparably, a pack of butter (250g) emits about 6x the amount of carbon dioxide as an Every. product. We are constantly exploring new ways in which we can continue to minimize our carbon footprint. We’re already actively doing this by obtaining the majority of our ingredients from local and regional farmers. Everything we source adheres to incredibly strict sustainability criteria. Our network of suppliers are equally subject to quality controls and sustainability requirements. This gives us the ability to accurately track where each ingredient comes from, and therefore make informed decisions that are also the most environmentally conscious.

The unavoidable emissions we do emit, can be categorized into the following stages of our supply chain:

  • With our suppliers: carbon emissions caused through agricultural and farming processes in the production of our ingredients.
  • Every. facilities: in the production and storage of our products, as well as in our office and product development.
  • Logistics: transport between our farmers, our production site and your house
  • With you: freezer storage and bowl preparation

This shows that while we are carbon neutral, we aren’t entirely carbon emission free. Unfortunately, that’s close to impossible, and if we were emitting zero emissions, that would mean we would probably be serving you rocks, instead of our delicious creations. Carbon neutral means that at the end of each year we balance out our carbon emissions to equal zero. So whatever we emit, we try to eliminate elsewhere. We do this by working closely with the organisation Atmosfair. Together, with their help, we construct stoves in Rwanda. These are energy-efficient and minimize carbon emissions by reducing the need for wood burning by 80%. Not only does this initiative protect trees from deforestation, but it also creates jobs for the local community and helps families save on energy costs.

Our commitment to sustainable practices is also reflected in our recipes. These are entirely plant-based and include only the best ingredients. Animal products are resource expensive and environmentally taxing. Avoiding these entirely dramatically reduces our carbon footprint. Numerous studies are unanimous in their view that switching to a plant-based diet is one of the easiest and most effective ways for an individual to do their part in addressing the climate crisis. In addition, we can sleep well at night knowing we don’t support morally reprehensible factory farming practices that harm animals as well as the environment. Seems like a no brainer to us…

Not only are our products 100% plant-based, they’re also free of all additives, preservatives, stabilizers, artificial colorings or flavours, and emulsifiers. Anything with an E-Number is not on our ingredient list. You’ll also never find misleading information like ‘natural aromas’ or ‘milk protein’ that are designed to trick consumers into thinking it's a ‘good’ ingredient. We’re proud to say that the preservation of our products is entirely natural and that they only consist of clean, wholesome ingredients. We’re also grateful to shock-freezing technology for making this possible, for giving us the opportunity to set ourselves apart, and most importantly, that this lets us offer our customers an unparalleled healthy, flavorful and conscious food experience.

Recycable packaging

We know that our packaging is pretty spectacular. So obviously feel free to keep it and frame it on your wall :) But for the rest of us who are not die-hard fans, we’ve made the disposal of our packaging easy and minimally wasteful. It's made from recyclable paper with a thin PE casing (<5%) to protect the contents. This can be discarded in paper waste. The isolation mat (which keeps everything chilled during transport) is made from compostable material (hemp, jute, straw). Nothing harmful like styrofoam.

No to food waste

Did you know that 20% of all fruit and vegetables are disposed of in Germany every year? That translates into a shocking average of 18kg of food that's tossed out per household. We’re sure that you, our lovely customers, are far below this average and that you, like us, are doing everything you can to be a conscious consumer and actually eat what you buy. Try as we might, none of us are perfect and it can happen that you forget about that salad you bought or that large head of cauliflower you were sure you were going to cook this week. But life happens! Sometimes we’re just lazy and would rather order takeout (no judgment) or suddenly that cafe you’ve always wanted to try, has a table available and your cooking plans go out the window. We’ve all been there. But sadly, the recurring consequence is perfectly good food ends in the trash. Financially wasteful and environmentally shameful.

We’re helping address this issue by creating meals that never have a reason to be thrown out. Thanks to shock freezing, our bowls have lasting quality and keep for at least 12 months in a freezer. Usually even longer. So you don’t have to be stressed about imminent expiry and meal planning. You can just grab an Every. bowl when it suits you, and 10 minutes later be munching on something delicious. Expiration dates won’t be the boss of you--you will! Enjoy healthy and tasty flavours with crisp textures that taste like it's straight from the farm.