Orders & shipping

Select your preferred box size and fill it with your favorite Every. products. All of our products are frozen, packed with dry ice and delivered to your home or office. To guarantee optimal cooling conditions, our minimum order amount requires 6 products. After you’ve selected your items, you can select your delivery date, preferred shipping method and comfortably pay online.

Verified payment methods are via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and Klarna (instant transfer with receipt), as well as express-checkout options such as Paypal, GooglePay and ApplePay.

  • Express by 6 PM €5,99.
  • Morning Express before 12 PM €7,99.
  • Free shipping on orders of 8 bowls or more.
  • We ship across Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Denmark.
  • Express delivery from Tuesday to Friday.
  • Please be at your given delivery address to receive your package.
  • If you aren’t available to receive your order, you can notify your courier to reroute your package to be dropped off at a neighbour or you can choose to collect it at a pick up point.
  • Important: please put your Every. products in your freezer once you’ve received them (or the latest by the evening).
  • Don’t reschedule a delivery for a later date with the shipping company, otherwise the cooling process will be jeopardized.

Dry ice is condensed carbon dioxide (CO2) with a temperature of approximately -80°C. It’s an ideal way to maintain a cold temperature for the transport of frozen products. Furthermore, it evaporates without dampening the package. Nevertheless, dry ice is fairly dangerous and it’s important to be aware of some safety measures when handling it.

Dry ice should not be touched with bare hands or come into contact with humans or animals. Touching dry ice can cause cold burns that are painful. For protection, we seal our dry ice in paper packaging so that you can in fact touch it, and easily dispose of it in paper waste. Dry ice also displaces oxygen, so be careful not to spend too much time in small spaces with poor ventilation. Even when opening your box, try not to inhale the fumes.

Preparation & storage

Our serving size is typically designed for one person. If you're not very hungry it can be split into two portions.

Our meals are fool-proof and ready in 10 minutes. Even the most inexperienced cook will be able to prepare our meals quickly and easily.

In a pan (recommended): empty the frozen contents of your Every. product into a preheated pan. Set stove at a high heat and place a lid on the pan. Wait 8-10 minutes until all the ingredients have thawed. If necessary, add a bit of water to accelerate the thawing process. Stir occasionally to ensure an even sear and add seasoning as desired.

In the microwave: pour content into a microwave-friendly container and heat for 7-8 minutes at 800W. Stir occasionally.

Adding a bit of water helps control the thawing process. If you use a lid then less liquid will evaporate. Your stove might also be slightly too hot, maybe decrease the heat a bit.

Of course! Just put the frozen contents in a microwave-friendly container and heat for 8-10 minutes at 800W. Stir occasionally.

The size of one bowl's packaging is 17 x 14 x 5 cm.

Stored in a freezer, our meals keep for up to a year. You can also keep them in your fridge, as long as you consume them within 1-2 days. Important: once thawing has started, don’t refreeze!


Our ingredients are frozen immediately after harvest at peak ripeness. That way, the texture and nutritional benefits remain perfectly preserved. The ingredients are then brought to our production site in northern Germany where we transform them into our delicious meals.

We adhere to very strict sustainability criteria when sourcing our ingredients. The majority of which come from regional areas. We know exactly from where each individual ingredient comes from and can therefore offer our customers 100% transparency in our supply chain. However, due to our modest production process, we don’t currently possess the capacity to track all of the data on demand. Since the specification of inaccurate data would cause difficulties, we currently have to deal without exact origin details. If this project goes well, it is right at the top of our to-do list to highlight all ingredients “live” here on the Internet and on the packaging, thus offering you maximum transparency.

Shock freezing is an excellent way to naturally preserve food. This technology is not only gentle on the environment, it also keeps food in perfect condition. Our high quality raw ingredients are harvested at peak ripeness. We immediately shock freeze everything, which preserves the cell structure, taste, texture and nutritional benefits. This makes our food much fresher than produce found in the supermarket, which often lies around for days. Shock freezing protects food from decomposition and maintains optimal quality and freshness. This also enables a long shelf life. Frozen products keep for months at a time, so you don’t need to be stressed about expiration dates, cause they won’t be anytime soon. Quality, freshness and optimal nutrition that keeps. Ready for you to enjoy when it suits you best. Less stress, less waste with maximum benefits and time-saving convenience. Click here to find out more about the benefits of shock freezing.

All of our products are entirely free of additives, preservatives or flavoring. We can guarantee this, because we process all of our ingredients ourselves. Our sourcing and production adheres to a strict no bullshit policy. Therefore, we can promise that our products are free of preservatives, flavour enhancers, emulgators, artificial colorings, or anything similar. We also completely reject so-called "functional additives" which are additives without an E-number. These are quite common in the food industry and are designed to fool consumers. A good example would be "egg protein" – sounds harmless but is in fact an additive. We don’t include any of that in our products. Only whole, clean ingredients. 100% quality, 0% bullshit.

We don’t want any of that in our products!


Our team is available from 9 AM to 5 PM during the week.