We’ve made it our mission to create meals you’ll love. And the best part is: we deliver them right to your door! All of our products are healthy, delicious and ready in minutes. Let us fuel your day, the Every. way.

Light feel good food.

We’ve prioritized your health when designing our menus. By working closely with experts and our community, we create delicious, healthy meals that you’ll love.

Plant power.

Did you know that for optimal health, 80% of our diet should consist of plants? That's why we carefully select only the best ingredients, all of which are 100% plant based. Our dishes will keep you energized and sustained throughout the day – without weighing you down.

Everything you need.

Our products are filled with important ingredients that nourish you from the inside out. Each product is a source of essential nutrients, valuable proteins, dietary fibre and healthy fats. We make plant-based eating so easy and oh so delicious.

Fresh and frozen.

Thanks to shock-freezing technology, our freshly harvested ingredients are frozen down to -25°C within 1-2 minutes. This ensures that all ingredients maintain their nutrients, taste and texture and are perfectly preserved for you to enjoy. Read More

Selected ingredients.

It’s all in the ingredients! We guarantee that only the best goes into our products. Carefully selected ingredients are combined to create complementary textures, vibrant colors and flavorful bites. Read More

Best of the best.

At Every , we pay incredibly close attention to what we include in our products. We guarantee that only the best lands on your plate. Each ingredient is carefully selected, harvested at peak ripeness and frozen for freshness. Eating your veg has never been easier--or tastier!

No dirty tricks.

Our products are made without any additives or preservatives. We’re 100% transparent so you know exactly what you’re eating. Nothing nasty or artifical. Just whole, clean ingredients. Real flavor with 0% compromise.

Conscious & responsible.

We adhere to strict sustainability criteria and ensure that all of our raw ingredients conform to environmentally-friendly sourcing and production. Good for you, good for the planet.


Sustainability is at the core of Every. We uphold an ideal that food production shouldn’t come at the cost of the environment. So we’ve said goodbye to plastic, food waste and anything unnecessary. Read More

Short but sweet.

We work directly with our suppliers to minimize our carbon footprint. Our close relationships with local farmers and short delivery routes not only save unnecessary transport costs - they also ensure 100% transparency. So you always know exactly where your food comes from.

Sustainable packaging.

Every. packaging is made from paper and is 100% recyclable. Our insulation mat allows our products to stay frozen during transport and can be composted once your box arrives!

No to waste.

By freezing our products, we guarantee that freshness and quality is long-lasting. Simply store in your freezer, and enjoy when you’re ready. Our products will be just as fresh! We portion our meals perfectly to be satisfying, but not wasteful. Help fight food waste by eating with Every.

Our founders Casimir and Benjamin

And who are we?

We at Every want to reconceptualize healthy, high-quality food by giving you the ability to recreate the experience from the comfort of your home or office. So many of us lead lives that are constantly ‘on the go’, with little time to devote to meals. The consequence: we opt for fast, unhealthy options, that are often expensive or disappointing, and negatively impact our well-being or the environment.

Our founders, Benjamin and Casimir, are life-long friends, with a passion for food and a knack for creative ingenuity. They too, were frequently faced with the combination of a busy schedule, and failing to find efficient, nourishing options that didn’t weigh them down. Active, busy days (which, let’s face it, is pretty much every day), highlight how significant our food choices are. After all, what we put in our body fuels us. And if our fuel isn’t great, well then how can we expect to be great? Benjamin and Casimir were convinced that there was a solution. One that didn’t involve compromise, but a product that was really “the whole package”: nutritious, convenient and sustainable food, that could be enjoyed easily – by everyone. And so, the Every concept was born.

Bei uns ist jedes Gericht Ausdruck dieser Ideale. Wir bereiten für Dich leckeres Essen aus ausgewählten, pflanzlichen Zutaten zu und halten es mit Schockfrostung langanhaltend frisch und in bester Qualität. Alle unsere Gerichte werden direkt an Deine Tür geliefert und sind in 10 Minuten fertig. Du brauchst sie nur aufzuwärmen und genießen. Feel Good Food, ganz leicht und ohne Aufwand – the Every way.

Ready. Set. Go.

Create your box now within only a few minutes.